Stonehenge: 0370 333 1181

Contact the visitor centre at Stonehenge on their general enquiries phone number 0370 333 1181 to book a ticket to see this magnificent monument, for group tours and directions so that you can plan your visit.

Stonehenge is one of the finest prehistoric monuments anywhere in the world, thousands of visitors each year flock to see the standing stones which were first raised between 3000BC-2000BC. You can contact the visitor centre at the monument by calling their local-rate phone number 0370 333 1181 to book your ticket and to find out the entry prices of their standard tours. Furthermore special festivals are held on the summer and winter solstices, therefore please phone this number for further details.

Furthermore you can call this helpline for group enquiries which may entitle you to a discount compared to standard rates. Moreover you can phone their friendly staff to find out more about accommodation in the local area which is ideal for international visitors to the site. This helpline operates the same opening times as the Stonehenge monument itself: 9am-7pm daily.


Stonehenge address

To help you find the location of Stonehenge here is it’s UK address:

Near Amesbury,
SP4 7DE,
United Kingdom.

However please do not send mail to this address, if you wish to write a letter of feedback about the visitor centre at Stonehenge please contact English Heritage at their Swindon office:

English Heritage,
The Engine House,
Fire Fly Avenue,
SN2 2EH,
United Kingdom.